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Choosing the right H-clamp


Only two decisions are needed to choose your H-clamp:


1. Which instruments you plan to use it with


2. What style of H-clamp you prefer



If you only want to use your H-clamp with one kind of instrument, one of the standard models is the best option. These are designed to cover most instruments in each of 5 broad categories, based on the depth of their bodies (front to back):


For Double (Upright) basses. The standard LiveBass H-clamp fits most basses (body depths between 198mm and 228mm) but if yours has a body depth greater than 228mm you will need the LiveBass PLUS model.


For Cellos and unusually deep-bodied acoustic guitars (eg. some ABGs - Acoustic Bass Guitars). This model covers all Cellos and any other instrument with a body depth between 114mm and 144mm.


For Acoustic Guitars. The standard LiveGuitar H-clamp fits most Acoustic Guitars (body depths between 84mm and 116mm but if yours has a body depth greater than 116mm you will need the LiveCello model and if the body depth is less than 84mm you will need either the LiveGuitar 'Baby' or the LiveMount Mini.

LiveGuitar 'Baby'

For smaller than usual Acoustic Guitars (such as 'Baby' models. many Resonator Guitars, most Ukuleles, Open-Backed Banjos and some Semi-electric Guitars). The LiveGuitar 'Baby' H-clamp fits instruments with body depths between 52mm and 85mm.

LiveMount Mini

For instruments with shallow bodies. The LiveMount Mini H-clamp fits Electric Guitars, Mandolins and any other instruments with body depths between 43mm and 76mm.


To cover wider ranges of instruments the following options are available:

Giltrap Signature H-clamp

For all guitars, from Solid-Bodied Electric, to Semi-Electric and through all Acoustic Guitars, from Baby, Spanish, Resonator and Dreadnought to Grand Auditorium, Jumbo and Acoustic Basses. The Giltrap Signature H-clamp is the ideal H-clamp for any guitarist, like Gordon Giltrap, who enjoys playing a wide variety of different guitars. It will fit any instrument body depth from 43mm to 155mm and so can also be used with many Mandolins, Banjos, Ukuleles and even Cellos.

LiveGuitar PLUS

For essentially all Acoustic Guitars, the LiveGuitar PLUS H-clamp will fit any instrument with a body depth between 52mm and 228mm. Although it won't fit Electric Guitars, it covers everything from Baby, Spanish, Resonator and Dreadnought to Grand Auditorium, Jumbo and Acoustic Basses. It even fits cellos and standard Double (Upright) Basses.

LiveBass PLUS

The Standard LiveBass H-clamp fits the majority of Double (Upright) Basses but for Basses with unusually deep bodies (over 228mm), a wider H-clamp is needed. The LiveBass H-clamp PLUS fits any instrument with a body depth between 195mm and 258mm and can aslo be used with Cellos and most acoustic guitars (including Spanish). Please Conatct us if you need an H-clamp solely for 'oversize' Double (Upright) Basses (body depths over 228mm only).

LiveMount Multi-instrument

The ultimate professional model, this H-clamp offers maximum flexibility of application. It covers the adjustment ranges of all other H-clamps and extends the maximum continuous range from the smallest possible (43mm) to 278mm. A further adjustment span of 287mm to 317mm is also covered but lengths between 278mm and 287mm cannot be achieved (if you need an adjustment length outside these ranges, please Conatct us about bespoke models).




The H-clamp is available in two ranges ('Light' and 'Spirit'). With the exception of the LiveMount Multi-instrument models, all H-clamps come in two basic styles and a range of colours. Once you have selected the right H-clamp model for your instrument(s), use the links in the WHICH INSTRUMENTS section to take you to the page(s) showing the style / colour choices available. In summary these choices are:


The 'Light' range is the best H-clamp for most professional applications. As the name suggests, these H-clamps are the lightest (only 135g for the Guitar model)



The 'Spirit' range has solid aluminium clamp disks but all other components are identical to the Light range. These H-clamps are therefore a little heavier than their 'Light' counterparts and the metal disks are slightly more prone to transmitting vibration. However, they are able to hold slightly heavier microphones than the 'Light' models. The Spirit H-clamp is available in the following colours: