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Gordon Giltrap MBE reaches new heights

14 Sep 2022

As the dust settles from the launch in July of Gordon Giltrap's latest and most ambitious album to date, "Scattered Chapters", it looks set to be an all-time classic and best seller. Truly a concept album, it's actually more of a multi-media experience than a 'simple' audio masterpiece.

Accompanied by a book written by Nick Hooper (of Harry Potter film score fame) to add depth and a different perspective to each individual track, this project is in another league entirely to both contemporary albums and its forerunners from the world's most revered artists in guitar music / prog rock genres (or any other branch of musical alchemy for that matter). The book is a compilation of short stories, one for each track, and also contains pictures of the varied artworks (from paintings to sculptural forms) created to capture the essence of each album track and its intertwined story. There's even a video about the making of the album! (see

Musically, Scattered Chapters is a creative collaboration with Paul Ward, whose prog rock credentials are impeccable and whose deft production and masterful synth work adds new dimensions of atmosphere and emotion to achieve the ostensibly impossible effect of heightening both the passion and the pathos of Gordon's playing. If that weren't more than enough, additional character and sparkle are added by guest appearances from Nick Hooper, himself a highly accomplished guitarist, Ian Mosely of Marillion (drums), John Devine (pipes & whistles on Heartsong), Rod Edwards (keyboard arrangements) and Jenny Hanley, much-loved presenter of classic children’s TV programme, Magpie (spoken word on Precious).

As always, all Gordon's acoustic guitar playing for the album was recorded using his signature ExplorAudio H-clamp and trusty Schoeps CCM 4 mic. A gold standard combination for capturing maximum emotion and subtlety from any guitarist's performance, this ensures the incredible power and nuance of his playing are captured faithfully, conveying every last ounce of energy and expression his music contains. The beauty of this set-up is it lets Gordon relax completely while playing, allowing him to immerse himself fully in the emotion, flow and message of every piece, without the intrusion of 'technical' concerns, such as whether the recorded sound will be compromised by any slight changes in his playing position (relative to the mic) when his interpretation of and interaction with the music invokes involuntary movements, whether delicate and transitory or expansive and sustained.

Visit for more information about Scattered Chapters and for links to buy the CD and book and to watch the video.

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