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Exploraudio Range

Exploraudio designs and builds products to simplify and/or improve the capture and reproduction of music [...]

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Live performance

move with the music

There are as many techniques for creating the perfect sound on stage as there are performers and technicians [...]

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Studio Recording

lock onto perfect tone

Despite the relatively controlled (and controllable) environment of the recording studio, capturing just the right sound [...]

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Our products are designed to be as intuitive and resilient as possible but if you ever have any problems, we're always here to help.

Our support philosophy is simple. If you're having problems, it's our fault, not yours:

If the product isn't working the way it should, either we haven't explained it's limitations properly or more likely, it isn't as intuitive as we would like and/or we haven't shown you clealrly enough how to use it.

If the probuct is broken, we haven't warned you properly about how to avoid damaging it or very rarely, it may be defective.

Whatever the problem our aim is to sort it out as quickly and painlessly for you as possible, no questions asked, except to:

1. Help to diagnose the problem as quickly and accurately as possible

2. Help us to prevent anyone else from having the same problem

So if you have any problems, please don't keep them to yourself, we genuinely want  to know about them and will always do everything we can to sort them out.

You are alway welcome to contact us at any stage but sometimes it may be quicker and easier for you to look through our product manual or to scan the remedies we've documented for the few issues that have been reported to us. Please click below to take you to the relevant information:

  PRODUCT MANUALS                                                 REPORTED ISSUES